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Since 1987 we have helped clients in over 27 different industries, grow sales, improve marketing, build sales teams, promote their brand and manage their businesses! And most importantly get more and better customers, inexpensively!


Mike Ferrell


Mike Ferrell is President and CEO of Business Growth Systems, he works with businesses and organizations helping them create focus in their business development, marketing and strategic planning. He has over 27 years of experience working with businesses, organizations and individuals in sales development, marketing, branding, business planning and business growth strategies. He has been involved in 11 different start-up companies and has worked in 25 different industries.

In addition he is a frequent speaker at business events and conducts training workshops for business owners and salespeople that help them focus on the things they need to do to achieve success. His coaching programs have helped businesses of all types achieve success.

His first book, Ultimate Breakthrough Planning: The Business Funnel Approach, published in 2009 by Scarletta Press has won numerous best business book awards. He also published Business Planning on a Bar Napkin in 2012. 

Watch for Mike's new book, Your Greatest Asset: Getting, Growing and Keeping Customers That Love You, coming out Spring 2016. Keep an eye on our blog for a free copy. 

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