Beam Outdoors, a division of HE Innovations, Inc. is located in Watertown, the gateway to the Coteau Hills and various lakes in NE South Dakota.  Watertown is a small lake town with a population of approximately 22,000. Watertown has all the aspects you need to raise a family and to enjoy the great outdoors.  Fishing is great all year round and hunting is super, whether you're fishing for a PA Walleye or hunting the Ringneck Pheasant, Canada Goose or Whitetail Deer; Watertown, SD is the place to be for your next outdoor venture. 

  Beam Outdoors started early in 2012 when Danny Heaton, inventor and President of HE Innovations, Inc. had an idea that led to the creation of BEAM Outdoors. Danny, a lifelong resident of South Dakota and previous sporting good's store owner partnered on March 15th with Larry Endres, a 30+ year business veteran and also a lifelong resident of South Dakota, formed the corporation HE Innovations Inc. and then BEAM Outdoors was born.

  As all great fisherman know, some fish species really turn on the bite at dark and before BEAM arrived, the only solutions was to bring a lantern or a head lamp with you.  So we came up with a better solution and developed a product line that solves the problem and many others from quality to versatility and more. 

  The BEAM Outdoors product line has many patent pending products that will soon become the industry standard.  The "Beam Ice Rod" has our revolutionary LED lights and "Quick Change" blank system.  Our LED lighted "Fire On Ice" is endorsed by World Class Ice Fisherman "Eric Wolfe" and is built with our No Line Twist Reel and adjustable spring bobber rod.  Our Metal Head rods have the all-aluminum blank through handle design with the "Quick Change" blank system which creates improved sensitivity and feel. Our BEAMXTREME line is our open water LED lighted rods.

  Some of the latest additions to our product line up include the JigNMitt, 10 LED lighted CatOlac Big Game Series rods, Fetch Smart retriever training dummies, TrakSharp Knives, Foto Steelz, Frogleggs, Flash Fly rods and the new ICAST best in show award winner the Elite 21, 27 and Elite 29 geared fly reels.

  Our mission here at Beam is to continue and grow the BEAM Outdoors product line to bring you the best of the best in quality and creativity. 

  Get ready, because we are just getting started....


Beam Outdoors

10 1st St. W
Watertown, SD 57201

Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm